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Emergency Dentistry During COVID-19

Emergency Dentistry During COVID-19

The state of Colorado is following the guidelines set forth by the American Dental Association (ADA) during, so Twiss Dental is only performing in-office treatment for dental emergencies until April 14, when we will resume regular business hours.

The latest information from the ADA on COVID-19 is available here. Please visit the state of Colorado’s COVID-19 page for the latest general public information and resources beyond the scope of dentistry. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention also has an informational page here.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we can help.

Review the guidelines below and get in touch if you need us!

What is a Dental Emergency?

Twiss Dental wants you to contact us immediately if you are experiencing any type of pain, swelling, or urgent discomfort. While we may not be able to complete your treatment immediately, our team wants to get you out of pain and comfortable. In the event that you need a tooth extraction in order to alleviate pain, Dr. Twiss can help.

The following dental situations need immediate attention:

  • Bleeding that doesn’t stop
  • Painful swelling in or around the mouth
  • Pain in a tooth, teeth, or jaw bone
  • Gum infection with pain or swelling
  • Any trauma, swelling, or infection that could compromise the airway
  • After surgery treatment (dressing change, removal of stitches, dry socket)
  • Broken, fractured, or knocked-out tooth
  • Denture adjustment for people receiving radiation or other cancer treatment
  • Snipping or adjusting wire of braces that are painful to cheek or gums
  • Biopsy of abnormal tissue
  • Wisdom teeth causing pain
  • Lost or broken restorations (crowns, fillings) causing irritation or pain

The following dental situations can be rescheduled for another time:

  • Regular visits for exams, cleanings, x-rays, or braces
  • Removal of teeth that aren’t painful
  • Treatment of cavities that aren’t painful
  • Tooth whitening and other cosmetic treatments

General Guidelines to Follow

The Twiss Dental team is dedicated to patient and public health and safety. We ask that you please follow the following guidelines if you should visit our office for emergency treatment at this time:

  • Please call in advance at (720) 710-0629.
  • Do not arrive early for your appointment.
  • Let us know if you:
  • Have traveled internationally in 2020.
  • Have a diagnosis of or are under investigation for a COVID-19 diagnosis.
  • Had close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or is under investigation.
  • Have a cough, fever or shortness of breath.
  • Please do not bring extra people with you to your appointment unless absolutely necessary.

The Twiss Dental has been fully trained in OSHA standards for regular sanitization and sterilization of patient rooms, equipment, and tools used during appointments. Between patient appointments, the rooms are disinfected with EPA-approved chemicals that kill bacteria, viruses, and bloodborne pathogens. This is a necessary disinfecting measure that we have practiced since before the COVID-19 outbreak. In addition, every team member is required to adhere to the CDC’s best practices protocol of handwashing hygiene before and after working with each patient to reduce the risk of contamination.

Please be aware that you may be asked to wash or sanitize your hands while in the office, that we may want to take your temperature, and that we will encourage social distancing practices be followed in office common areas.

Twiss Dental is here for you, and we will all get through this together!

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