Visit Twiss Dental, a Highlands Ranch Dental Office for a Dental Check-Up and Exam

At our Highlands Ranch dental office, our dentists and staff are focused on one thing: ensuring that our patients have a healthy mouth, good oral hygiene and a bright white smile they can be proud of. There are many methods … Continued

3 Important Preventive Dental Treatments from Twiss Dental, A Highlands Ranch Dentist

When it comes to obtaining and keeping good oral hygiene and health, we at our Highlands Ranch dental office know it can be confusing. With many products on the market claiming better benefits, whiter teeth and fantastic cleaning abilities, it … Continued

5 Important Dental Treatments from Twiss Dental, a Highlands Ranch Dentist

A frequent question that our dentist in Highlands Ranch hears from patients is, “What are the most important dental treatments?” It is an excellent question and one we want to cover today to help you have and keep the best … Continued

How to Recover After a Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is necessary when the root of a tooth gets infected or is severely decayed. The procedure involves removing the inflamed or infected pulp, cleaning the insides of the tooth and sealing the space. The recovery period … Continued

Dental Check-up and Exams From a Dentist in Highlands Ranch

The Dentist in Highlands Ranch conducts many different oral examinations as an area of preventative dental care. The dental examination allows the dentist to discover slight changes or possible issues with your teeth and gums. In some cases, an x-ray … Continued

Oral Hygiene Tips from A Highlands Ranch Dentist

The importance of maintaining excellent oral hygiene cannot be emphasized enough. Also, it goes beyond brushing twice daily because that alone is not enough to attain and keep good oral health if you are not practicing these other essential and … Continued

Pros and Cons of Common Emergency Dental Care Treatments

There are a variety of treatments that are used during emergency dental care. Specific issues can be treated in multiple ways, so it is sometimes up to what the patient prefers or what the person’s budget allows.Emergency dental care is … Continued

What is Emergency Dental Care?

If you find yourself wondering what emergency dental care is, this is the treatment of serious dental injuries. This typically includes issues like a knocked out, fractured or loose teeth. At times the lips, cheeks, and gums can also become … Continued

Treatments Commonly Performed During Emergency Dental Care

Specific injuries require emergency dental care. This is due to the fact these issues can be a lot easier to fix when the services of a dentist are immediately sought, and the fact earlier treatments often lead to less pain. … Continued

How to Take Care of Partial Dentures

Wondering how to take care of partial dentures? Good for you! It is vital to give dentures the proper attention they need so that they can do the job they are supposed to do as well as last as long … Continued