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In-Office Membership Plan

In-Office Membership Plan

According to the American Dental Association, some estimates indicate that 74 million Americans are living without dental coverage. When preventive dental care is postponed due to financial concerns, the result can be more serious, more expensive dental care down the road.

Think you can’t afford quality dental care?

Check out our in-house dental membership plan!

The Vantage Plan

Twiss Dental believes that quality dental care should be available to as many people as possible. With this knowledge in mind, we are happy to offer our own in-house dental membership plan, which can be a great solution for individuals or families.

Twiss Dental Vantage Plan is an annual reduced fee dental plan that allows you to receive quality dental care at prices that you can afford. This plan can be applied to the whole family, additionally saving you significant amounts each year.

Child Membership

17 and younger

$408/yr or $204 + $34/6 months

SAVE $281

Included Benefits

  • 2 Professional Cleanings
  • 2 Regular Exams
  • 2 Fluoride treatments
  • Routine X-rays

20% off completed treatment within 12 months

10% off ortho treatment

Terms and Conditions:

  • Membership Fees are non-refundable once any treatment is performed. Including the first cleaning.
  • If you require Non-Surgical Periodontal Gum Therapy, this is not included in the membership fee, but is immediately subject to the 20% discount.
  • Membership is valid for 12 months from purchase date.

*This is not Dental Insurance

The Vantage Plan is not insurance, but a membership plan that includes routine preventive services and offers a discount on all additional services. The Plan can only be used at Twiss Dental in Highlands Ranch. The balance of payment is due at the time of service. We also offer other in-office payment plans. For information about the Vantage Plan or any other questions you may have, please contact us at (720) 710-0629.

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