Guide To Improve Your Smile

Guide To Improve Your Smile

It has been st humorously stated that the longest word in the dictionary is the word "smiles" because there is a mile in between the first and last letters of the word.  Did that cause the two ends of your lips to rise upward showing off those pearly white teeth? If it did, you are the personification of the definition of a smile: that of forming the facial features to show expression of being pleased, amused by exposing the front teeth and turning the corners of mouth up.

A smile is a powerful instrument that will ‘go the distance’ in making a new friend or acquaintance, bringing someone to feel welcome and at ease, and miraculously can bring about a lighter gait to the hectic pace of keeping up with day to day life.  Just as the health of physical body, composed of 640 muscles, needs to be sustained and maintained with proper nutrients and a moderate exercise regime there are 43 muscles in the face and controlled by the cranial or facial nerve that emerges from your skull area just in front of the ears. Without getting too technical, what we want to impress in this article is the importance of facial skin tone in improving the appearance of your natural smile.

The following exercises have been shown to strengthen facial muscles and provide good skin tone

Stretching: While looking in mirror stretch the corners of mouth from each other using the facial muscles that are around the lip area. Officially, you will be using the two Zygomaticus muscles and two orbicularis muscles. To begin, first keep your lips together while consciously stretching your mouth to the sides. Hold the stretch while slowly counting to ten. Next, slightly bear your teeth while again extending your mouth to the sides.  Count to ten.  Now, open the mouth wider until half your teeth are showing and count to ten in this position. Finally, smile wide as you can with all teeth visible and count to ten. Repeat each stretch position consistently on a daily basis.

Puckering: The puckering exercise will erase ‘smile lines’ around the mouth area. To perform the puckering exercise requires the use of the muscle officially known as the Orbicularis Oris muscle. Some ways to strengthen this muscle include sucking in the cheeks while rolling lips out in a fish-like pucker, or forming lips as a ‘donut hole’ smiling slightly with corners of the mouth and you will feel your cheeks tighten in this exercise. Do these puckering exercises three times consistently each day to tone the skin that surrounds your lips.

Wiggling: Some experts advocate wiggling nose up and down while stretching closed lips for toning the cheek muscles and giving control of your smile.

Naturally, the daily duty of brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day for two minutes each time, rinsing with an antibacterial mouth rinse, and flossing before bedtime along with the twice-annual dental visit for a professional tooth cleaning will help maintain that beautiful smile.

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