Fluoride Facts and Myths You Need To Know


Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that is essential for healthy teeth. It helps to remineralize your enamel which protects your teeth from tooth decay. However, despite the fact there are numerous studies indicating that getting adequate amounts of fluoride is essential for healthy teeth, there are still many conspiracy theorists out there that swear that aliens are trying to take over the planet by poisoning us all with fluoride.

Let's take a look at a few common fluoride myths and facts you should be aware of:

Fact #1: Fluoride is naturally in water

While the amount of fluoride in natural sources of water aren't enough to protect you from tooth decay, there are certainly trace amounts of it in pretty much any body of water you can find.  Most water companies fluoridate their drinking water since having a concentration of about 0.7 parts per million helps to fight off tooth decay.

Fact #2: Fluoride is essential for healthy teeth

Fluoride has been proven to promote healthy teeth and prevent tooth decay. It's one of the minerals we infuse into everyday products to improve our health such as folic acid, Vitamin D, and Iodine. Fluoride isn't currently classified as a medication in the U.S.

Fact #3: Fluoridation of public water works

According to studies, the average U.S. city saves $38 in dental treatment costs for every $1 spent on fluoridation. Medicaid in Texas saved over $24 per child enrolled thanks to the fluoridated water supply. It is estimated that Colorado saves about $149 million each year thanks to fluoridated water.

Fact #4: Fluoridation benefits everyone

As we mentioned, fluoride occurs naturally in water, so you've been drinking fluoridated water your entire life. What the fluoridation of your water supply does is make sure there is enough fluoride in the water to fight off tooth decay and keep your teeth healthy.

There have been many studies done on the topic of adding fluoride to water supplies, but the evidence makes it clear that people who drink fluoridated water are less susceptible to tooth decay and other dental issues. Counties that didn't fluoridate their water supply needed about 34 percent more root canals, fillings, and extractions than nearby counties with fluoridated water.

Myth #1: Fluoride causes cancer

According to the Center for Disease and Control, there is no link between fluoride and cancer. The American Cancer Society has also been unable to find a link between the two. The myth of fluoride causing cancer comes from a 1990 study that claimed male rats that were regularly given fluoridated water were more susceptible to a certain type of bone cancer.

Myth #2: Fluoride is poisonous

Sure, fluoride can be poisonous, but so is your favorite alcoholic beverage. It's the quantity of something that you ingest that makes it poisonous. A night out of binge drinking can leave you with alcohol poisoning, and, yes, ingesting too much fluoride can be bad for you.

Fluoridated water only contains a trace amount of fluoride so it's not nearly as poisonous as your favorite beer. Contact a dentist to learn more fluoride fact and myths.


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