General Dentistry Procedures to Improve How You Eat

One dental benefit of having a general dentistry procedure done is improving how you consume and digest your food intake. Although your smile makes for a great physical appearance, your smile is a direct reflection of your teeth — more specifically, the way you eat, chew and bite your food.

Your teeth is the number-one gateway to having a strong and responsive digestive system. Luckily, even if your teeth are not in the best physical shape, there are general dentistry procedures that can improve how you eat and digest food.

General dentistry procedures

Dental implants and crowns

Dental implants is a great procedure that can be done to improve your teeth’s biting ability. Dental implants replace your tooth roots with artificial ones and allow a replacement tooth to be inserted. Dental implants utilize a screw that is secured into your jawbone to fuse your bone marrow with the artificial root. This allows a dental crown to be inserted.

A dental crown restores the tooth that has been cracked, worn or weakened to its normal shape, size and functionality. When both implants and crown work together, they can allow the teeth to gain back their natural structure. This can allow the patient to digest and chew like normal, all with the strength and benefits that come with a strong smile!

Tooth reshaping

If you are looking for conservative and inexpensive options to improve your eating and digestion, you may want to look into tooth reshaping. Tooth reshaping, also known as dental contouring, is a procedure that subtly changes your teeth by removing small amounts of tooth enamel (the outer covering on all teeth) to change and alter the shape, length or surface. When you alter the length or size of any tooth, you alter the structure, just like in implants and crowns.

When teeth are overlapped or shaped irregularly, this can cause biting and digestion issues. For example, if some of your teeth are not as sharp as others, you will most likely not be able to chew and break down your food properly. It is important to keep in mind that even a few millimeters of reduction or enhancement on the right tooth can do wonders for digestion.

Dental bonding

Last but not least, there is dental bonding. Dental bonding bonds the material of your teeth with a tooth-colored material. This option can be great for those with chipped teeth or who just wish to improve their smile along with their digestion. Since dental bonding is primarily used to fix chips, it can also alter the shape and length of a tooth if need be.

As an additional bonus, dental bonding also protects a portion of the tooth’s root when properly aligned. A dental bonding procedure can usually be done in the same day as a consultation, with little to no preparation needed in advance.

Can we answer your questions?

Digestion and a healthy smile go hand and hand. When you digest and eat well, your smile usually follows. If you are having troubles eating or digesting your food, you may want to literally look at the root of the problem. Make sure to consult with a dentist or specialist today if you would like to see if any of these dental procedures are right for you!

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